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  • Ixilak

    [[File:572272 | class=media-item-align-center | 400x400px | Ixilak.png]] Ixil home world and center of the All-Hive. Orbiting a K-type main-sequence star (Ix-tika) this garden world is covered in lush jungles, and retains an abundance of liquid and …

  • Nichtikah

    Nichtikah is a tiny planet that orbits closest to [[Ixilak | Ixilak]]. Barren, lifeless, and devoid of anything noteworthy in its atmosphere, it was nonetheless the All-Hive's first target for colonization because of its close proximity to their home …

  • Kilisichk

    Kilisichk is a small, hot planet close near [[Ixilak | Ixilak]] covered in seas of molten metal. A small [[Ixil | Ixil]] mining colony exists on the world.

  • Chortenkarak, The

    The Chortenkarak is a large comet that orbits the star nearest [[Ixilak | Ixilak]] that contains an [[Ixil | Ixil]] ice mining facility.